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Lander Medical Clinic & Western Family Care offer Breast Cancer Screenings with tomosynthesis mammograms and diagnostic mammograms at our main office in Lander.

Why are breast cancer screenings so important?

While breast cancer screenings can not prevent breast cancer, they aid in finding breast cancer early, making it easier to treat. The purpose of these screenings is to check for signs or symptoms of the disease at an early stage.

Annual Breast Cancer Screening Mammograms are recommended for patients starting at age 40.

What are the benefits of 3d/tomosynthesis imaging?

3D Tomosynthesis Mammograms are used for annual Breast Cancer Screenings.

Tomosynthesis offers exceptional image clarity and detail by imaging the breast in several ‘layers’ and angles. By looking at each layer separately, a potential cancer is less likely to be obstructed from view by overlapping breast tissue. This will result in fewer biopsies, additional tests, and increased accuracy.

What Are 3D Diagnostic Mammograms?

Diagnostic Mammograms are recommended for patients who have an abnormal Screening Mammogram and for patients who have any new onset pain or lump in their breast.

We offer 3D Diagnostic Mammograms with Ultrasound and the same day consult with the reading Radiologist.

How to get a mammogram scheduled:

If you require a screening mammogram or have any questions, please call (307) 332-2941 x 5. 

The cost of imaging includes the reading fee from the Radiologist.  You will NOT get an additional bill from the Radiologist for reading your imaging exam.