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What We Offer

Routine blood draws

Health fair blood draws

On-site urinalysis

Therapeutic phlebotomy Glucose tolerance


Influenza and covid collection

Pediatric lab services

Point-of-care testing

INR (a check to see how quickly your blood clots).

Clia certified Lab

Conducts a multitude of tests from waived to moderate complex, and in most cases, we can provide same-day test results, often within an hour.

How do you get a lab order?

If you need to get lab work done, all we need is an order from a Medical Provider.

If you don’t have an order, call and schedule an appointment with one of our providers OR walk-in and ask to get health fair labs.

What are Health Fair Labs?

Health Fair Labs are a selection of labs that we offer at a discounted rate.

All Health Fair Labs must be paid for at the time of service.

The health fair labs include CMP, CBC, TSH, Lipid Panel, A1C, and PSA.

Note: Patients covered under Blue Cross Blue Shield Insurance do NOT qualify for health fair labs.