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Clinic Resources and Programs


Find out how our dedicated Care Team Members can help you keep track of your health, and what qualifies you for the program.


Learn about how to use and register for our Patient Portal System, where you can communicate directly with your provider.

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A program intended to prevent Type 2 Diabetes in those with prediabetes, with a facilitator and group focused discussion of various topics.

Online Resources


Learn how to take your blood pressure at home
with an automated cuff:
Self-measure blood pressure monitoring

Online Prenatal Classes

Babycenter Prenatal Classes

Online Risk Assessment Tools

See what your risk for developing prediabetes is:
Prediabetes Risk Assessment

Find out what your risk is for heart disease:
Mayo Clinic Heart Disease Risk Calculator

Patient Assistance Programs

For help with insulin and related medical devices:

For help with Multiple Sclerosis medications:
MS Medications

For help with several medications, including Humira, Synthroid, Depakote, and more:

My Abbvie Assist

For help with other medications and further medical assistance, visit:




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