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What entails a Medicare Wellness?


This page is for you! Here, we hope to clarify the different terminology used to describe Medicare Wellness Visits, so that you come in to your appointment informed and understanding.

For those new to Medicare, you are able to come in for a "Welcome to Medicare Visit", also known as an "Initial Preventive Physical Examination". After this, you are able every 12 months to come in for an "Annual Wellness Visit".

Below, you will find a description of both types of exams.

BUT NOTE: These visits are focused on prevention and screening, and not on detection and diagnosis.
This means discussion of acute issues, new diagnoses, or any other issues or questions outside of preventive services needs to be scheduled for a separate appointment.

Welcome to Medicare Visit

Also known as the “Initial Preventive Physical
Examination”, this visit gives patients new to
Medicare their first Medicare Wellness Visit.
You will go over your healthcare goals, and
may discuss strategies to manage your health
and any chronic issues you have, to create a
baseline for your healthcare plan.
Your provider may also administer
cognition(Dementia and Alzheimer’s) and fall
risk tests.
You may also discuss end of life care, such as
Advance Directives.

Annual Wellness Visit

This visit is designed to enable you to come in yearly
to review your healthcare plan, and discuss what
steps are next in managing your health.
You will have routine measurements, such as your
weight and blood pressure taken, a review of your family history, and discuss your plan.
You may have cognition and Fall risk assessments
administered, and your provider will go over those
Your provider may discuss referrals or other
preventive measures, to help you meet your
healthcare goals.

Here is a great introductory video on Medicare Wellness Visits.

A more personal talk on the difference between a Medicare Wellness Visit and a Physical Exam.

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For those on Medicare with two or more chronic conditions, you qualify for our Chronic Care Management program! This program helps you to manage your chronic issues and make a healthcare plan with a dedicated Care Manager to focus on what you need and how to improve and maintain your health.

Visit our Chronic Care Management page for more information, or ask your provider about it today.