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Chronic Care Management Program

How can Chronic Care Management help you? What is it about anyways? Watch this video to learn more.

Our Care Management team is here to help you navigate your healthcare. We will create a plan for you and your specific needs, and coordinate your corresponding care. Learn more below.

Who qualifies for this service?

Those with two or more chronic (long term) medical conditions, that are on Medicare or Cigna.

What will you do for me?

We will help you with managing your medications, scheduling appointments, and connecting you with programs and resources to help you manage your health. We will call you every month to see how you are doing.

Does it cost anything?

Depending on your insurance plan and supplemental coverage, you will be billed for the 20% coinsurance, which may be covered by your secondary health insurance plan.

How do I sign up?

Contact us and let us know you are interested in the program. Your consent is required to enroll, and your medical information will be gathered and shared with your active providers as a part of care coordination.

Is there anything else I should know?

Only one provider can sponsor Chronic Care Management services during a 30 day period. Services are provided by our staff who will coordinate care, and does not include a face-to-face meeting with the provider.

Talk with your provider today, or give us a call to ask us any further questions you may have. A Chronic Care Manager can help sign you up at your next visit.

Let’s stay healthy together.

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