Mask Policy Update

The following policy is effective immediately:

Dr. Ryan Firth’s COVID19 Testing Presentation

Dr. Firth gave this presentation at our staff meeting.  It has great information about COVID19 antibody testing, so we thought we'd share it! We apologize for the shaky cam at the beginning. Dr. Firth Video

COVID-19 Latest Update

We appreciate your understanding with the many updates and changes. Please know that we are still seeing patients in the clinic for wellness, follow-up visits, and sick visits. In an effort to minimize exposure to patients and staff: We have telehealth options for appointments. Follow directions by staff and signs to go to the correct [...]

COVID-19 Latest Update – Expanded Telehealth Services

Telehealth has been proven to improve overall health outcomes for chronic disease patients, reduce hospitalizations and re-admissions among high risk patients, prevent acute events, support adherence to prescribed plans of care, improve patient experience, and lower costs to both patients and providers. Karen R. Thomas, founder of Advanced Telehealth Solutions As we work our way […]

Pregnancy and Nutrition

In honor of National Nutrition Month, we sat down with our newest OB/GYN provider, Sam Skelton CNM, and asked a few questions of her about pregnancy and nutrition. We’ve compiled her information with some helpful charts and links to share with you. So what are some common issues or misconceptions? A big issue with pregnancy [...]