2021 Vaccine Coverage Changes

2021 Vaccine Coverage Changes Due to funding cuts at the state level, some programs in Wyoming have been changed. WyVIP, which stands for Wyoming Vaccinates Important People, will now only be available at Public Health offices, Rural Health clinics, and Federally Qualified Health Centers. What does this mean for you? Currently, both WyVIP and VFC [...]

Happy Hypoxia

Happy Hypoxia COVID-19 can cause many issues, but one to watch out for is what has been called "Happy Hypoxia". But what does this look like, and how can you watch for it? COVID-19 can cause low oxygen levels to occur, and normally you would feel the effects of this. But in some people, it [...]

Visitor Policy Update

The following policy is effective immediately:

Mask Policy Update

The following policy is effective immediately:

Dr. Ryan Firth’s COVID19 Antibody Testing Presentation

Dr. Firth gave this presentation at our staff meeting.  It has great information about COVID19 antibody testing, so we thought we'd share it! We apologize for the shaky cam at the beginning. Dr. Firth Video