Happy Hypoxia

Happy Hypoxia

COVID-19 can cause many issues, but one to watch out for is what has been called “Happy Hypoxia”. But what does this look like, and how can you watch for it?

COVID-19 can cause low oxygen levels to occur, and normally you would feel the effects of this. But in some people, it can occur without may issues or symptoms. This is dangerous, as you may not be aware of how low your oxygen levels are, because you are feeling just fine.

Low oxygen levels can quickly cause organ failure, and if you are unaware of your levels, this can mean things can get serious quickly; some unfortunate people have died due to this.

We strongly urge you to consider buying a pulse oximeter, an instrument used to monitor your oxygen and heart rate levels. Normal levels are above 90%, so if you notice you are in the lower 90s, please contact your provider to let them know and if you need to come in for a visit.

If you are 90% or below, please go straight to the nearest emergency room. It is imperative not to wait, as your body can quickly shut down due to loss of oxygen.

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